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Community FAQ

How can I be listed into the community Geo-map?

So you wanna appear on our glorious find-a-member map?

Its a bit tedious but try this...

  • edit your profile and go to geolocalization tab
  • zoom the map to your location
  • click the button "Copy to lat/long"
  • then click "Update"

Once this is done, at the next refresh (manually made by admins) of the map you really should appear.

How to get your own skateparks on your map?

WannaSk8 atlas now support GPS localization of skateparks. To get your own skatepark map, the skatepark of WannaSk8 atlas must be geo-localized. If it is not:

  • Log-in into the community
  • Go to the spot page, scroll down until you see:

    Help needed GPS coordinates not set !
    Use the map selector to add the skatepark location !

    • Click the link
    • Zoom, pan and click to the skatepark location
    • Submit

    Bingo - the skatepark GPS is added.

    Once validated, it will be shown on your own skateparks map available from your profile.

How to change my user name?

Changing your username is quite simple:

  • Edit your profile: My Profile > Edit > Update your profile
  • Change your user name (Login Info tab)
  • Click Update to save your changes

That's it!

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