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Skateparks (2)
Quality Experience Owners Type of spot
Innerspace Skate Park 3 / -
Everyone Private
Tacoma Dome - / -
Established Municipality


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By Anonymous , 07-07-2006

Innerspace -
The dude who runs Innerspace is rad. Super nice guy. But the guy who runs the business across the street isn't, so don't try to skate through his restraunt or ollie onto his planter. Once my friend Ted accidentally cracked the window there and the dude went completely mental on us like we meant to do it like on purpose or that...I think he called us careless. Like, for starters it wasn't even me, it was Ted. For seconders, how can he call us careless when he don't even know us? And like he is one to talk...all that broken glass could have cut us and we're just kids and he's more worried about his stupid window than us. Then he threatened to keep Ted's board as "evidence" or something because it landed in his kitchen but that seems illegal to me so I decided I would keep his gumball machine as evidence until he gave back Ted's skateboard (which used to be mine but that's another story). So eventually Ted starts crying and the dude gave us back the skateboard. What a jerk.

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