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  • Sep 17 
    [ Comment ] Lanyon Skate Park travel tour. Lanyon Skate Park is one of the most famous travel place. There are number of tourist visit this place. This is the center attractions of tourist. I have enjoyed the trip to Lanyon Skate Park and next [...] More...
  • Jun 25 
    [ Comment ] Goa Skate Park Traveladda. Goa is the best place in India to travel in vacation. Goa is famous for the sandy beaches. many foreign tourist visit Goa. The night life of Goa is amazing.  More...
  • May 28 
    [ Comment ] C-Fan Ditch luckyboy. I am 48 years old, been skating it about twice a year since the summer of 1981(Tony Trujillo, whose he, a freak with a popsicle stick, haha kidding, half way anyway), and i have never once even seen a [...] More...
  • May 16 
    [ Comment ] Madrid Alcorcon Map. Had massive trouble finding Alcorcon skate park when I was in Madrid last year. From Alcorcon central station it's only 5 minutes away...
  • Jul 05 
    [ Comment ] Tuggeranong Skatepark F#%K Canberra. Enough said.................
  • Jul 03 
    [ Comment ] Tuggeranong Skatepark we we paris. ah ello der I ride d skatepark in paris let me says that you are very lucky to have so many skateboard parks they all look many fun. You are learn frontsides grinds ? Do you have tip for me ? I try [...] More...
  • Jun 22 
    [ Comment ] Tuggeranong Skatepark Hey Hanz. I was only joking about the vert ramp at tuggers not be the best thing in the world. Ha ha I'm a funny bloke. I wish I had the ability to skate like you guys but but the only thing that I am good at [...] More...
  • Jun 22 
    [ Comment ] Tuggeranong Skatepark Europe Skater. My name is Hanz and i have skated tuggeranong vert ramp on my travels down under mate and that thing is fucking so nice best vert ramp ever. The 1.5ft of vert is perfect and there are no kinks in the [...] More...
  • Jun 13 
    [ Comment ] Tuggeranong Skatepark Reply to reply to ??????. What are you even saying? I pointed out that the Woden/So called best park in Australia, has a out of date, with an 8 foot transition and a foot of vert bowl. Then you go on about the park being mad [...] More...
  • Jun 11 
    [ Comment ] Tuggeranong Skatepark Reply to CASE CLOSED BUDDY. Thank you for you valued comments, i have been heavily involved with skating in Canberra for a long time from belco bowl to the redesigning of the new park. Firstly i take offense to your comments ab [...] More...
  • Jun 09 
    [ Comment ] Tuggeranong Skatepark CASE CLOSED BUDDY. Ha ha ha. Tuggers is a shit park in a lake that smells like shit. If that park was made in the 70's it might have had some cred. But it wasn't. When you look at photo's of a concrete park and see [...] More...
  • Jun 09 
    [ Comment ] Tuggeranong Skatepark In response to Mr Junk. Hey Mr Junk ! Firstly you are a idiot ! can you even skate or are you too busy on your scooter ? I think you should spend less time talking total rubbish and more time skating ! Tuggeranong is a gr [...] More...
  • Jun 04 
    [ Comment ] Tuggeranong Skatepark Canberra has junk parks. DO not come to canberra if you enjoy skating ! everypark is shit tuggeranong is falling apart, the new woden park sucks, civic is too tight, weston is 2ft to small everywhere just sick of canberra idi [...] More...
  • May 25 
    [ Comment ] Aljezur Indicated features are incorrect!. what a disappoinment when i got there! following the description on this site, i expected a quite large park with a bowl. but it turned out to be a small one, next to the school area and locked ;( nic [...] More...
  • Apr 29 
    [ Comment ] Ocean Grove Skatepark yeah dude. the park is just near the swimming pool if you havent found it already if you go to the oval you will see it
  • Jan 25 
    [ Comment ] Mulluz tracks . its mainly designed for skaters at the shops heaps of stairs and banx its the best like sorrento type the bmx track is shit
  • Jan 15 
    [ Comment ] Bordeaux Skate Park street graphix bordeaux skatepark. heres a bit more from that mad blog Free skatepark in Bordeaux
  • Jan 15 
    [ Comment ] Bordeaux Skate Park Skatepark Bordeaux. Check this blog about the parc out http://streetgraphix.blogspot.com/2010/01/down-there-in-bordeaux-there-is-social.html
  • Dec 14 
    [ Comment ] SMP skatepark Shanghai Park Fees and Hours. Park is open 9:00am until dark. Facility has lights but never turned on! Admission rates are 60RMB per day for non-members. Membership is 200RMB per year with discounted admission of 25rmb on weekend/ [...] More...
  • Oct 17 
    [ Comment ] Slades Farm . i go down there everyday and everyone is friendly down there. just be careful cause they may try and take your money or amy stuff you have brought with you. try and stay away from the bad crowned unle [...] More...
  • Oct 17 
    [ Comment ] Phoenix Skatepark . The Phoenix Skatepark is no longer located at Metrocenter Mall. It has been closed for several years.
  • Oct 17 
    [ Comment ] Spain . In Spain is a town name Pamplona and belongs to Navarra. there is a small but a nice sk8park
  • Oct 17 
    [ Comment ] Ireland . well ireland has some good gaps that are skateable when its dry, there are more skateparks being built and i love beside one of the best luckly enough, called millenium skate park or blanchardstown pa [...] More...
  • Oct 17 
    [ Comment ] Ste-Foy2 skatepark not a skatepark anymore. This skatepark has been completely removed and its location is now a building under construction. It is not a skatepark anymore.
  • Oct 10 
    [ Comment ] Clarkson skate park clarkson. clarkson is a really good park just the right size for all skater scooters not welcome by locals

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