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So you think that your local skatepark is worthy of its own page in the illustrious WannaSk8 data-base of skateparks from around the world? To achieve a homogeneous look to the skatepark data sheets, we have developed the interactive form with which anyone can submit details of their local diev sites. Before adding details of a skatepark, please check carefully three things.

  • Does the skatepark already exist (check alternative / similar spellings etc),
  • In which zone should you include the skatepark,
  • Note our policy on secret skateparks, for this site to work we rely on you to be reasonable about this.


A step by step guide to completing the Add A Skatepark form.

Identity of Correspondent

This rubric is NOT necessary; we would like to know the identity of, and a contact email for, our correspondents simply so that we can contact you if we have any difficulties understanding the data which you send in, whether it be in the text or in the attached photos, or whatever. As noted on the Form, we will not use addresses for Spam or unsolicited advertising of any kind. This site is run by riders for riders, and we dislike the abuse of the net for this kind of advertising as much as you do. If you feel uncomfortable with providing this information, then simply leave these sections blank, there is no obligation!

Lastly, if this idea of creating an 'open-format' guide to the worlds skateparks works, we will use this 'contact' information to offer recognition (and maybe prizes if we are feeling really generous) to those who contribute the most over a year.

The skatepark

This section is the most important to get right.

  • Firstly, add the name of the skatepark. Please use the name and spelling which is most commonly used, as skateparks can have more than one name. This name will be the one which figures in the list of world-wide skateparks, and will equally be the target of the internal search engine on the site. If alternative names and/or spellings exist, please note these in the Additional Information section, below.
  • Secondly, choose from the drop down menu the country in which the skatepark is to be found. The list is composed of the English names of all countries in which we know of skateparks.
  • Thirdly, once the country is selected, the "Select a zone for this country" link will offer a list of all of the zones within the chosen country. In some cases the names of the zones may be ambiguous or unclear. If you are not sure which zone to use, please consult the skatepark list pages, wherein you will find a list of all the countries and zones used. If your selected country has "No zone" associated with, simply select "No zone" (the country has not been subdivided as the number of skateparks has not been deemed large enough to require zones).

If after carefully checking the lists, including alternative spellings, you cannot find either the country or the zone you require, then you have the option of creating a new country or zone. We hope that this will be necessary only very rarely. It is our aim to have a list which is as close to being complete as possible. Any submission of skateparks with new Countries or Zones will be reviewed by 'The_Management' before lists are updated.

How to Access the skatepark

This blank section is designed for practical details of how to access the skatepark. Assume that the person reading this section does not know the area! Be clear with descriptions, road numbers etc. If you are gifted with a software drawing package, then include a sketch of the area as a .gif or .jpg file.

If you used to locate the skatepark with marks (landmarks, seamarks), then explain them here, or better, send a drawing using attachment (photo) upload form.

Ease of Access

This section compliments the previous general description, giving a quick look description of how far the skatepark is from the nearest major harbor by boat, or how far you must walk from the car to access the skatepark if it is accessible by walk. Equally, indicate how easy the skatepark is to find, once you are in the local area.

Attachments : Photos / Map / Landmarks / Seamarks

To avoid lists and lists of boring data you can add up to three files (Photo, map or landmarks/seamarks) of the skatepark. These are attached to the form as you would to a mail, using the 'Browse' button. Please note that we are looking for photos which are particularly descriptive of the skatepark. However, such photos can be added to the zone Photo Gallery Section - pages of photos which can be used to show the skatepark!

When you add the photo please add a short line of text describing the photo "View of the South point of the Gabiniere, where the main wall is located"

Additional Information

Any additional information about the skatepark can be added here. Various examples have been noted in the above text, but really anything can be added here, whether it be details of some of the aspects mentioned in the rubrics above, or something unique to the skatepark.


Signing as the author of the skatepark is a choice. Signatures will only be accepted after verification of a valid email address. We wouldn't want you signing a skatepark with someone else's name now would we? If you add your email, expect to be contacted by riders looking for local information!!

OK, I've read the help... Let's add a skatepark now !


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