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Trip: Five Secrets to Finding Cheap Flights Online

Written by enadowdy show enadowdy profile

Thursday April 18 2013 09:55:20 AM

Date: from May 18, 2013 to May 29, 2013

Trip description:

Whether you are a snow bird travelling for part of the year to a home in another country or simply taking extended vacations, the travel agency is the last place you want to go to book your travel if you are looking to save. The best place to find all of your cheap flights is online from the comfort of your own home.

1.    You Don’t Have to Be an Expert to Find A Good Deal

Even if you have a basic understanding of using your home computer and search engines such as Microsoft Explorer or Fire Fox, you can quickly browse for your flights using one of many helpful discount ticket websites. Rather than going to one major carrier after the other looking for a good deal, the flight aggregate websites compare all possible carriers for your departure date and travel needs. These websites are designed to provide a list of available itineraries for your dates allowing you to browse your best options and the most affordable price conveniently.

2.    Booking Early Will Save You Money

If you want a good deal always book your air ticket at least three weeks in advance. Providing less than twenty one days notice to the airline is considered last minute travel, and you can expect the price of your ticket to go up anywhere from 40% to 300% depending on the peak season and prime time of your preferred travel. It seems a little strange that there would be such a difference in the price but it’s true. Don’t pay extra for your flight! Book early instead.

3.    Travel Domestically

Do you live close to an international border? For instance, if you are flying from Toronto to California choose to book a domestic flight instead of an international one. By taking a short bus ride to Buffalo you can save more than 30% of the cost of your air ticket booking domestically for the round trip.  You can even save if you choose to depart from a domestic airport and return on an international flight.  Frequent travelers have known this tip and use it.

4.    Book Economy Class

The difference between business class and economy class is a slightly larger seat and a curtain that divides you from the rest of the plane. If sitting at the front of a plane in a fancy seat and a meal is important to you, you can expect to pay almost 60% more unless you upgrade with frequent flyer miles or other incentive programs. Do your wallet a favor and book economy class and pack a great lunch from your favorite airport restaurant instead

5.    Airline Loyalty Programs

Taking a few minutes to sign up for an airline loyalty program can give you extra perks that will help you save on each flight. Some airlines offer a no-checked baggage rebate to save you $25 per bag or more. If you are travelling with a family that can add up to big savings.

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