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The World’s Largest Skateparks - 2009/03/13 16:56 An interesting article was posted by Alex Turnbull on, highlighting the largest skate park in the world.

Shanghai is the most populous city in China, and as befits a population over 20 million, the city has been blessed with the largest skatepark in the world.

SMP Skatepark has an incredible 13,700 m2 of skateable space, much of it incorporating local stone and granite. The park has two street skating areas, multiple bowls, a full pipe (video), a 52 m long wooden vert ramp, and a 2000 m2 competition area.

The closest rival to the SMP park in sheer size is not where you might expect. Not that a skating holiday in the Cayman Islands would be anything less than totally freaking awesome of course.

The Black Pearl skatepark is a 4,800 m2 concrete park with a wide selection of bowls, transitions, and street terrain. If you get bored of all that skating, the blue area to the south is actually a surfing machine that’s capable of moving around 570,000 litres of water every minute, producing a surf wave over 3 metres tall!

Quite impressive and already on Wannask8 ! Check


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